Guided Autobiography Groups

Groups of six (minimum) to eight (maximum) participants meet for two hours during eight consecutive weeks to engage in a shared oral history, using the Birren method of Guided Autobiography (GAB).  GAB is a semi-structured, topical, group approach to life review and incorporates individual and group experiences through autobiographical writing.  One of the direct benefits of participation is having a written legacy to pass on to family and friends. These StoriesUnfolding groups bring people together from diverse backgrounds and as such have become very popular over the years. Most participants continue on for several series as Margriet keeps writing new material for this event.

Some former participants have shared with her the following:
"I should say this class has been one of the most influential experiences I have had that has impacted my life. It has led me to discover my self."
"This Group has allowed me to get to know other women on a level not experienced before."
"GAB offers the happiest, most inspiring two hours of my week due 100% to the enthusiasm and uplifting personality of our facilitator."


  • 2 hours
  • Meets once a week for 8 consecutive weeks


  • $160 for a complete series of eight meetings.
  • Non-refundable fees are due at registration time and reserve your spot.